The Safe, Silent, Simple Way to Trap and Kill Flies and Other Insects!
Features & Benefits
  • Easy to Use - Just Plug It In!
  • No Harmful Pesticides or Chemicals
  • Stylish Elegant Design, fits any decor 
  • Long Lasting AtraktaGlo™ UV Bulb Lasts 3,000 Hours (about 4 months) 
  • No Fuss StickyTech™ Glue Card for easy access 
  • Pass-thru Power Outlets allows utilization of up to two AC, and two USB, devices. *Available on Select Models.
Stop These and Other Pesky Insects from Invading Your Home & Business!
Fruit Flies
Box Elder
Asian Beetle
Pantry Moth
Stink Bugs
Clothes Moth
Phorid Flies
Yellow Flies
Sand Flies
How It Works
The Award Winning DynaTrap® Flylight provides effective protection from disease carrying flies and other flying insects, discreetly and quietly.
The AtraktaGlo™ UV emitting bulb, produces a warm light at a wavelength specifically designed to create a genetic response, flying insects can’t resist.
Once attracted, the insects are trapped on the non-toxic StickyTech Glue Card which is concealed by
the attractive aluminum panel.
Innovative Insect Control Technology!
Place Throughout Your Home & Business for Maximum Insect Protection!
Receptionist Area
Public Restrooms
Four Season Room
Coffee Areas
Hospital Entries
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